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Macworld June 2018 Digital Edition

21 May 18 | Mac

In the latest issue Few would deny that Photoshop is a fantastic application, however, there are plenty of challengers for […]

Give your old Mac software eternal life

16 May 18 | Mac

It’s been a long time coming, but having your Mac tell you that some of your apps will stop working […]

How to recover a Mail folder from Time Machine in macOS

15 May 18 | Mac

Time Machine in macOS can work within a number of apps, letting you retrieve older versions of files or even […]

One way to use an iPad as a display for a headless Mac

14 May 18 | Mac

One way to use an iPad as a display for a headless Mac | Macworld ‘);IDG.GPT.addDisplayedAd(“gpt-superstitial”,”true”);$(‘#gpt-superstitial’).responsiveAd({screenSize:’971 1115′,scriptTags:[]});IDG.GPT.log(“Creating ad: gpt-superstitial [971 […]

What I Use, Build 2018: MacBook Air (Premium)

I’m taking a Mac to Build 2018, and you’re never going to believe what happens next. The post What I […]

How to reset the SMC on a Mac

02 May 18 | Mac

If you’re experiencing severe and/or persistent problems with your Mac (it won’t turn on, for example) and the usual tricks […]

iMac Pro 2 release date and specs

27 Apr 18 | Mac

The iMac Pro was promised at a breifing in April 2017 and arrived just days before the end of 2017 […]

New Apple display release date and rumours: 8K, 10-bit

20 Apr 18 | Mac

Apple left the standalone display market back in 2016 when it discontinued sales of its Thunderbolt Display. However, the company appears […]